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Best Android Apps Of 2020

Hey guys, this is a Yashir, from And I’m going to start with some really Best Android Apps of 2020 that you are going to like.

Now, these are some Best Android Apps Of 2020 that I have on the Play Store through Reddit and a lot of other sources. But these are apps you’re definitely going to love. So let’s get started.

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Gesture Plus one of the best android apps of 2020, but if there’s one thing I don’t like about them is the fact that you cannot customize them. I mean, it is Android you expect things to be customizable. Anyway, since it is Android, you can always download an app for that enter gesture plus an app that brings exactly that gesture Plus, you can just tap on the navigation bar to go back.

I mean a lot of people dislike the back gesture right? tense. So this is well definitely easier. I can also long-press on the navigation bar to open a shortcut or you know, open an app. I prefer to use this to capture screenshots because it’s just easy.

Anyway, there are a lot of other customization options as you can see. And gesture plus is available for free. But a lot of its features are available in the pro version, which cost 2$ approx, so you should check it out.

Best Android Apps Of 2020
Best Android Apps Of 2020

We all know that Microsoft makes some great apps for Android. I mean, remember the good old SMS organizer app?

Well, Microsoft Math Solver is a new app by Microsoft to help you solve some math. Yeah, let me show you. So basically with Microsoft math solver. There are two ways to solve a math problem. You can either scan a question From your phone’s camera or just jot down a problem on the display like usually would.

Both of these methods work fairly well. And I like the fact that the actual step by step solutions, and multiple ways to solve a problem, so you get a better idea to solve a problem. I think it’s incredible. Maxwell math solver can solve problems in various topics, including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, that stupid calculus, I hated.

The app supports a lot of different languages, which is definitely great. And this is a free app. So all you students out there, check this out. And yeah I can say that this is one of the Best Android Apps of 2020.

We have seen offensive and explicit deep fakes in the past. But Doublicat is an app that uses deep fake to create some super fun jobs. Yes, how about me as wants your candy from Django Unchained? Or how about Jim Carry as Harry Potter? Well, it’s pretty simple. You just take a photo out of which the app detects your face.

Then you can just choose a GIF you want your face in and tap rephrase after which the app will take a few seconds and then use deep fake to insert your face in the GIF. This is fun, right? Because you can add multiple faces to use different faces in different GIFs. Doublicat is a free app fusion definitely try it out and share your photo on twitter and Insta.


Memorigi, this is a to-do reminder, calendar and Task Manager app rolled into one and it looks amazing, it’s clean, has a great font and textile and has some sweet three transitions. Plus, its feedback. When you open up the app, you get this nice mighty page where you can add all the tasks you have for the day.

set reminders for them shared with people, period to the top, you get the idea. However, you can just swipe down from the top reveal all the different pages like a task page, a feature-rich calendar page, and a progress page. As you can see, there are a lot of other lists here and you can always add more.

So this is a great app that you should try memory he is available for free but some of these features are limited to the premium version which is available for 4$ per month.

Google has been releasing a lot of cool digital wellbeing apps including some cleaning wallpaper apps, for example, I really like the unlock lock or paper. Well, Google recently released a new wallpaper app called Activity bubbles. Like, unlock the lock.

This is what paper aims to show you how much you’re using a phone so that you can cut down your smartphone usage. This looks cool. I mean, you start the day with a clean black wallpaper, which looks great on mobile phones.

And as the day progresses, your screen is filled with bubbles. And these bubbles are based on the amount of time that used a phone for and the number of times you’ve unlocked the phone. It’s really interesting. And I’m really interested.

This is Typewise keyboard that brings a brand new keyboard layout with big keys that setup designed specifically for smartphones. The developers claim 80% fewer typos thanks to the bigger keys and this hex icon layer.

Now I’m not sure about that and I can say that this is one of the Best Android Apps of 2020. But I do like the gestures here. I can flick up on a letter to capitalize swipe left to delete and swipe right on do the same.

These gestures are great, but there’s no English support, which is a bummer. And yeah, as I said, this takes a lot of time getting used to but if you want to try something new, go ahead check this out and try a new way today. Defenetly I can say It’s Best Android Apps of 2020.

So the next app on this list is App Notifier, which has to be the simplest app in this whole video. But it also solves a big problem for Android users. So our users have been unhappy with Play Store no longer showing notifications for updated apps. Now, we thought it’s a bug. But as it turns out, it’s an intended feature. Yeah, why is that a feature?

Anyway, if you’ve been missing this on your phone, app notify of fixes this little issue. It brings up notifications for upgraded apps. All of us tech geeks here, check out the change log, what’s the update all about the new features and water. I don’t know app notify is a clean app free and an open source app that deserves a match.

Well, those are some really new really cool, really great apps and best android apps of 2020, that you must check out and all the links are in the description. So do check them out. Also, if you know of any other great app, new app that we missed out on, let us know in the comments so that everyone can know and try it out. Also, make sure to share it with your friends.

Lastly, subscribe to the Newsletter for more amazing tech blogs. Well that’s me signing off. Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next one.

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App Notifier
App Notifier

Adobe Fill & Sing

Adobe Fill and Sign isn’t exactly a new app. It was launched I think in May 2019. But this is another super useful especially for people who have a lot of PDF forms to fill. Some PDF editors did not load up the form correctly, some did not have the tick mark options. Some are missing signature support. And this is where WPS Fill and Sing came in so handy.

This app is great for filling in PDF forms. The interface is intuitive; you can add text takes. And there’s also support for signature, you can create a signature on your phone, just add it simply, it’s great. And there’s also autofill profile, which makes filling these forms way quicker. Yeah, this is super handy, and best android apps of 2020.

App Notifier
App Notifier
App Notifier
App Notifier

Next up Beta Maniac is an app that is for all of us, basically, tech maniacs who love testing beta version of apps, to maybe get hands on new features early or maybe to just live life on the edge. 

So being a maniac once you’ve signed in with the Google account you use on the Play Store, you will see your list of apps, and the apps whose beta version you can test.The green tick shows that you already have the beat of that app.

And the blue tick shows the beat of this app is available. You can just tap on an app with blue tick and become a beta tester right here right away. How as does the app auto scans for new beta releases or apps that get a beta version? So yeah, this is really great for all of us beta maniacs and best android apps of 2020.

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