Is Internet Historian Is Better Than Any Other YouTuber In 2022?

Today I would like to call your attention to an interesting specimen of a channel that being “Internet historian” created on January 1st, 2017. The channel would go on to post a series of videos. In which its creator documents various online or internet related events.

The subject matters in these videos were quite diverse. However, and the only noteworthy trends seen across the backlog are the focus on events caused or an association with 4chan videos talking about Shia LaBeouf’s. He will not divide us project and Recaps of defunct conventions.

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YouTube journey

the internet historian

Internet historian” created on January 1st, 2017, and On January 9, 2017, he uploaded a documentary about the 4chan event that users raided GameStop to get Battletoads. He was working on very short videos for various hours and he didn’t want to tell anyone about his YouTube channel. 

Around 2 to 3 weeks, he really gained traction, and he got 100,000 subscribers in about 3 months and then YouTube was a full-time job for him.

He has a secondary YouTube channel, Internet Historian: Incognito Mode, where he posted Q&As and behind-the-scenes videos for his main channel. He is otherwise known as Dr. Harold.

The editing himself has a shit post like nature to it, but in a manner that’s polished in high-quality while still holding on to the charm that shit post naturally has and as a side note. His voice is absolutely perfect for narration and works in conjunction with.

His editing to create Stellar videos because of this channel manages to acquire over 1 million subscribers after having only been made in January of 2017, which is just two years ago at the time of having written the script quite an impressive feat little is known about.

Personal Life

the internet historian

He was born on the 20th of April, 1989. And his age is 31. He is famous for being a YouTuber. One of his popular YouTube videos is ” Justin Bieber Has Cancer | #BaldForBieber” posted in January 2017. 

Many other websites have given many wrong information about them, such as childhood, education, job and many more. But I want to tell you that till now he himself has not said these things in any interview nor has it been revealed by any official. 

Like many famous people and celebrities, the Internet Historian keeps his personal life private. His father and mother name is unknown at this time. Once more details are available on who he is dating, parents name, education, and his previous job we will update this section soon.

Net Worth

The 31-year-old Australian YouTuber has done well thus far. Majority of Internet’s money comes from being a YouTuber. And YouTube is his full time job. He is an Australian YouTube Channel that has a net worth of $2.1 million dollars as of June 2020.

He has an All Over World YouTube rank of 6,476th and 63th in his country Australia. His channel ranks 376th in the All Over World YouTube comedy channel category. They earn 4k-16k US dollars a month from their YouTube channel and about 160k-194k US dollars annually.

The Internet Historian Face Reveal

The Man Behind the channel however his face is kept hidden and is replaced by various photos of Hydra pain. Herald in both the branding of his channels as well as his videos avatars over the years the channels Creator will reveal little tidbits about himself in his second Channel videos, but even this has kept to a minimum “I’m from New Zealand.”

This may seem completely innocuous since it’s more than common for people online to hide their identities and I myself do this as well, but in The Internet Historian, however, is a special case due to the relative size of his channel and nature of his content his talent for editing and well-versed knowledge of the subject he chooses to talk about suggests that he has a fairly deep personal history with the internet.

Pun intended although despite what most people may think the internet historian is not simply talented editor from New Zealand who in the past has dabbled in 4chan real Advantix.

The Internet Historian Twitter

His Twitter account is “@NetHistorian” with 559  Following and 280.4k followers. You will get to see all the recent tweets made by him here in the same fun style as he does with his videos. 


He is very active and he will get some tweets on his Twitter account every few hours. Which is based on current updates and internet events. Such as 5g and corona testing, play-station, journalism and more on trending news.

 “Professor of internet happenings.”


YouTube Channel Links



Instagram Followers:-

They do not have an official Instagram account, some people have kept an account in their name. If I had an official account, I would have had millions of followers and I would have been the first among them. I want to be active on Instagram as they are on Twitter.

Fallout 76 Battle Royal

Who is the face of the YouTube channel Internet Historian? If you have ever seen his videos or heard his voice, you would know who he is. Most likely you would also know what he thinks about many of the subjects he discusses in his YouTube videos and other places on the Internet. For anyone not familiar with Y.T. he is a YouTube channel blogger from Australia who has turned into an Internet Historian.

So, who is this man and how did he get his start? Internet Historian Y.T, also known as YouTubers, January, or Youtuber, is a YouTube Channel dedicated to the analysis of the video on the internet. He actually has more than 43 million subscribers and nearly 15 million comments on his videos alone. He was born in New Zealand where he later moved to Australia. After that move, he came to the United States and eventually to the YouTube Channel where he is currently located.

The name of the YouTube Channel Internet Historian that we are talking about is Sundance rejected. In the beginning, he was just one of many people who used a free service to host videos online, most of which were poorly made and of low quality. But after being called a spade (a female equivalent of a male) by one of his female colleagues he decided to go and set up his own website instead. Once there he gained several followers who believed in his ability as an internet historian and took him under their wing. He published his first two videos on this channel.

But things got interesting when he started getting emails from people asking questions about some events in history. Someone had sent him some emails regarding the death of Hitler’s widow. The subject line read “you killed Hitler” and the sender was unsure if it was him or someone else. This person wanted to know why he was being emailed by January, so he replied to the email asking for permission to publish the story.

Well, this ended up raising some very interesting issues. Why would someone use his real name and not use a more generic nickname? Was this going against the social media policies that prevent false information on the internet? And how could an internet historian get a handle on the world wide web events without using their real name? Sundance was not prepared for all of this and he proceeded to explain in detail what happened in the email. He also mentioned his new book, which is due out in the spring.

One of the most interesting things I read was when he said that Google has created a media platform that will be able to make you submit videos with a more personal touch to people that are actually requesting them. That means that Youtuber privacy will not be a concern because they will be using their real name rather than their fake one. This could be very beneficial to historians that want to interview individuals who have died. It may also make it easier for the historians that need to transcribe interviews from live YouTubers into video.

In one section of his book, Sundance talks about how Google’s efforts to own the internet are going against the values that are on the internet. He says that the current system where you can post whatever you want on the internet is destroying the ability of free speech. He also makes a point about how Google’s social network is creating a different type of user interface and it is not the same as what we are used to browsing the internet with.

There are some people that are not comfortable with the current interface and this is causing a lot of problems. This is why Sundance has taken a step to create a forum where internet historians can get together and talk about the problems they are having. This will hopefully help the internet community grow and communicate better with each other.

Overall, this was a great read. I really liked reading about Sundance’s view on the future of the internet and how Google is trying to change it to stay successful. If you have an interest in internet history, then I would definitely recommend this to read.

Fallout 76 Battle Royal

If you’ve played other, more traditional free MMORPG games like World of Warcraft or other massively multiplayer online role-playing games, you’ll know that much of the enjoyment comes from trying to get ahead of your friends or guildmates. If they’re better at attacking a target than you are, you’ll feel much more a part of the action and get to participate in more meaningful battles. But just how do you get that much better at controlling your character and your actions in fallout 76 battle royale? This article will show you how to increase your effectiveness by learning the fundamentals of good PvP combat.

The Basics: To succeed in fallout 76 battle royale mode, you must understand the nature of the game. Unlike most MMORPGs, where your success largely depends on luck, this one is about teamwork. Your faction’s leaders have decided to launch an offensive against the “enemy” (player characters) and are trying to breach their bunker. The Overseer (that’s you) is leading his own party into the fray, but he’s not very confident in his own abilities. You, on the other hand, are hoping to train for a particular skill that can make you a powerful fighter among your fellows and bring down the morale of your enemies.

There are three basic styles of play in fallout 76 battle royale mode. Your first objective is to enter the vault where the Overseer resides, triggering the initial battle. Once inside, start defending yourself by targeting the Overseer and his allies as well as the numerous spawn points they have.

While your allies help to protect the Overseer from attack, use the skill tree to acquire new weapons and abilities, improve your defenses, and improve your stealth ability. As you progress through the game you’ll find more advanced weapons and items as well as perks which can make the experience more exciting. For example, once you obtain the Gatling gun, you can place it on rapid fire, for more rapid action!

When you have successfully defended the vault, the Overseer will send in his army to annihilate you. Your allies have to rally and defend the remaining civilians while taking out the troops sent to annihilate you. You can switch from one scenario to another by selecting the ‘Versus’ option at the main menu. During this battle, you can choose whether to use the minigame or the real-life military tactics, and you even have the chance to call in a nuclear strike by selecting the option in the battle royale mode.

These real-life military tactics include firing upon the enemy from bunkers, trenches, and even from above ground formations. In short, fallout 76 battle royale allows you to experience the thrill of battle through the eyes of a hardened soldier.

This war-themed action-adventure title features highly engaging real-life shooting, original music, and intense first-person shooter combat. If you enjoy playing highly customizable video games where you get to save the world and level up, then fallout is the right game for you. You can enjoy it single-handedly online, or take on the challenge of competing with other players online in a battles royale battle mode, where you’ll have a chance to prove yourself a true alpha male. The new game mode – Vs – pits you against a rival who has similarly customized armors and ranks, using any of the over 40 weapons available to win the war.

The Internet Historian Fallout 76 Most Viewed Video

internet historian fallout 76

There are 38 videos in the channel but the internet historian fall out 76 video is most popular one. The last of which occupy the top three spots in this collection and the most popular videos to date. Now, extremely this channel may seem fairly standard in terms of the subject matter of choice to focus on through the videos themselves or anything but each is extremely well edited and researched with very unique style taken in presenting each topic.

Internet Historian Fallout 76 video is 26 minutes long very entertaining and completely based on game’s many failure. Internet Historian Fallout 76 is his 3rd creation or you can also say that it’s 3rd episode who’s released on 2018. This video basically highlights the shortcomings of the game, which we Viviers had already expected. In Internet Historian the fallout 76, as many big bugs that caused games to shut down are shown in the server issue, more content and bad pr. The way it is mentioned in this video, it is clear that this game has been launched in a hurry.

However, the developers of this game have also acknowledged that we will constantly update this game and will always do it to make it a great game. The Internet Historian Fallout 76 video is designed to be very entertaining, using a lot of creativity, editing and photo-shopped lotus key. Which are fully connected.


The internet historian is a 31-year-old YouTuber from New Zealand. She made her channel on 1 January 2017 and uploaded her first video on 9 January. He now operates 2 channels on YouTube with 2.3 million and 926 million subscribers. In this channel, its creator documents various online or Internet related events. The channel has 38 videos, of which Internet Historian Fallout 76 are the most popular.

He was born on the 20th of April, 1989. And he is a 31-year-old YouTuber from New Zealand now he is based in Australia.

Internet Historians face has never been revealed. Nobody knows what he looks like. No one has shown an Internet Historian face in any video, interview and any website.

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