Useful Apps For Coronavirus Updates

Hello friends and welcome to this post of today, in which I am going to tell you about some Useful Apps For Coronavirus and Websites for Coronavirus Updates, so that you can stay updated in this serious situation today, identify the symptoms of Coronavirus and measures to avoid it. I will tell so that you can avoid this serious disease and help the government and your loved ones to stop it.

Due to this epidemic coronavirus, nearly 4 lakh people of the entire world have been caught in it and it has not been completely stopped yet, the government is trying its best but it is not completely effective. is. And in India, it is spreading badly.

Here I would like to give you information, right now, both the google play store and apple store have been launched with spam-related apps and related to coronavirus which is making a dent in your data and your personal information. To stop this, both google and apple have done the work of prevention.

Let’s talk about those Useful Apps For Coronavirus:

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Gok Direct: This app has been launched by the Government of Kerala on March 11 for the common people for free, which has so far had more than 1 lakh downloads and its rating is very good 4.8 and very low MB of 4.3.

You can download this app from Play Store or Apple store, for which you first go to the play store and search Gok Direct. Open it and choose your language. After that, you will continue to give you every little bit of news of coronavirus, apart from this you can go to the menu bar and do the option of WHO Health Alert so that you can get all the world information on your WhatsApp You will get updates so that you will keep your family as well. All you have to do is follow their instructions.

COVA: This app has been launched by the Punjab government on March 7 for the common people for free, which has so far received over 1 lakh downloads and its rating is very good 4.7 and it is very low 4.8 MB.
You can download this app from Play Store or Apple store, for which you should first go to play store and search COVA. Open it to your mobile no. Register by In this app, you will get real-time global status as well as information about corona awareness, travel instructions, corona hospitals, and prevention items. This website shows you real-time global status, in which you can get live information of any city, state or country in the world. This website gives you fresh information every 10 seconds, which you can easily understand with the help of maps. These useful apps are proving very useful for the prevention of coronavirus updates.

Friends, so far no medicine has been prepared for this serious epidemic, its only cure is to be careful, follow the government guidelines seriously and stay healthy & clean.

Friends, please keep yourself and your family safe by staying at your home.

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